What if there were a place for you and your baby where all the little miracles were captured,

magnified and celebrated through music, movement, touch and sounds?  What if there were a place

where someone helped you peek inside your baby's miraculous little body and brain?  And what if

every time you left this place, you took home treasures from the day and inspiring ideas to add this

joy into your daily routine?  There is such a place..... Kindermusik Village!

Wednesday 11:15 am -12 pm | January 15 - May 6


Total tuition $375
Tuition can be paid in full or in the following monthly installments:
$165 first month and the following 3 months $70 per month



2020 Spring Baby Music Class Curricula for ages birth - 18 months

Weeks 1 -8

Welcome to Village Dew Drops!  Stop and smell the roses - lilies of the valley, tulips, and pansies.  In this class, parents and babies will play and move together to songs about flowers, such as "Jasmine Flower,"  "How Does Your Garden Grow?," and "White Coral Bells."  You'll also hear traditional Irish music, dance a jig and move to the Irish Trot.

 At Home Materials includes:

Baby's literature book, home CD, art banner and rainbow shaker instrument

Weeks 9-16
Welcome to Cock-a-doodle MOO!  Hop on the hayride -it's time to head to the farm!  In this Kindermusik Village class, you will sing songs about the farm, including "Old MacDonald,"  "Hayride," and "Clever Cows."  You'll engage in rituals and playful activities with your baby, including infant massage, lap bounces, exercise and quiet time.

At Home Materials includes:

Baby's literature book, home CD, art banner and cage bell instrument

What a Parent and Child will Experience in Class

Variety of Music - Musical diversity builds strong neural pathways in a baby's forming mind, which is why

each Kindermusik semester contains an array of styles, sounds and genres.

Instrument Play - Age appropriate experiences with child-safe instruments enhance a sense of rhythm and

steady beat, develops a keen awareness of the distinguishing qualities of sound and encourages

spontaneity and creativity.

Dance - A classroom full of baby and adult pairs dancing together helps a little body develop the muscle

strength needed to crawl, walk and helps a little heart to fall in love with the sheer joy of responding to music.

Together Time - A Kindermusik class is truly the essence of "quality time", offering the parent a place to

create special memories with their child, gain new insights into their child's development and nurture their

child's natural love of music.

Expert Advice - A Kindermusik Educator explains "what-to-watch-for" every step of the way and how each

activity enhances a child's complete development.

Learning Continues at Home - With  home materials, the learning continues at home with the child's

best teacher - YOU!

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