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Everything You Needed to Know About a Kindermusik Class

What’s it like taking a Kindermusik class? Curious?  Well, Theresa Case, a Maestro Kindermusik

Educator and regular blogger for Minds on Music, answers just about every question you might have!

  You want the best for your child, and so you are considering enrolling in Kindermusik, but as it

should be, you have a few questions.  After all, this is a commitment of your time, love, and money.  

Over the years, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions… and some fabulously

reassuring answers.  As always, we invite you to reach out to your local Kindermusik educator as well,

but here are those questions and answers to get you started towards making one of the best decisions

you’ll ever make for your child – enrolling in Kindermusik.

Which class is best for my child?

Each class, from newborns to those who are ready for more advanced musical training, has been

carefully designed to match your child’s current developmental level. In addition, our teachers take

the time to tailor activities to best fit the makeup of each individual class.

You’ll also notice that there are overlapping age ranges for each class level. This overlap is intentional

so that you have the choice over which class experience and which class level is best for your child.

A child may enroll in, or move up to, any class level for which he/she meets the minimum age

requirement. When it comes to choosing the best class for your child, your licensed Kindermusik

educator is there to lend experienced and expert advice as well.

Kindermusik classes sound like a lot of fun, but what will my child learn about music?

To the casual observer, it might indeed look like we are just playing and having fun. While the

approach is necessarily and appropriately playful, every aspect of the Kindermusik curriculum is built

upon a solid musical and developmental foundation.

While playing, moving, and singing, children are improving their rhythmic competency, developing

sense of steady beat, achieving the ability to match pitches, becoming acquainted with timbre,

learning a repertoire of songs, experiencing many different instruments, increasing their ability to

listen and of course, gaining a love of music that will last throughout their life

How does Kindermusik benefit me as a parent?


Kindermusik acknowledges that you are your child’s first and most important teacher, and your

Kindermusik classes and Home Materials will empower you with the knowledge and tools to bring

the love of learning and love of music to your child. Kindermusik is truly the essence of “quality time,”

offering you a place to create special memories with your child and gain new insights into your

child’s development.
You will discover a unique sense of community and belonging in the Kindermusik classroom. Not

only will your child blossom in this environment, but you will come to appreciate the support and

friendship from the other adults in class.

I plan to have my child take music lessons later on.  Why enroll in Kindermusik now?

Instinctively, we know that music belongs in the life of young children; young children are ready for

music, they are in their critical period for developing a good foundation in music, and full musical

potential is often lost if it is not nurtured and maintained in these early years.  

With Kindermusik, parent-child interaction is fostered, socialization with other children is encouraged,

fine-motor and gross-motor development is enhanced, and language skills flourish. Children learn

valuable school readiness skills as a rich musical foundation is laid.  In short, Kindermusik helps

each child develop musically at the right time and in the right way.

So how do babies and toddlers benefit from their own music class?

Scientists tell us that infants are born with billions of nerve cells and a nearly unlimited potential for connections between those nerve cells. Every time an infant has a sensory experience, neural

pathways are formed. The greater the number of neural pathways, the greater the brain power.

Rich sensory environments are vital to the brain development of infants.
In Kindermusik, we dance in a social setting where small children can begin to understand and

anticipate patterns, which preps their brains for math and musical theory. We play with steady beat,

which underlies our ability to pick up the pattern of language. The bonding and comforting activities

we show you in class help you and your child work through all the natural stresses that occur with

growing and developing. Music increases coordination and balance, promotes literacy and language, cultivates listening skills, and encourages delightful and rewarding interaction with your child!

I want to enroll my child in preschool and maybe also dance or karate.  Why do Kindermusik?


When it comes to preschool, many parents have found that this is not an either/or choice.

Kindermusik and preschool are not mutually exclusive. In fact, Kindermusik supplements and

enriches the preschool experience tremendously. The appropriate developmental nature of

Kindermusik activities ensures that learning is never “too much, too fast.”

Many of the benefits of the other activities – such as promoting physical coordination and social

skills, providing a structured routine, building self- esteem and developing talents and cognitive

abilities – are actually all encompassed in a Kindermusik class. The opportunity to creatively express

their individual imaginations through the combination singing, moving, and playing instruments

activities is unique to Kindermusik.

PLUS there is the added benefit of a development for a love of music that will last much past the

time  when school is done and the dance shoes and karate gees are put away.  In fact, as we often

say at Kindermusik:  “A good beginning never ends.”

My child has special developmental challenges.  Is it still okay to enroll in Kindermusik?

Absolutely! Autistic children, children with Down’s syndrome, hearing impaired children and those

with other physical, emotional, speech and learning needs have generally thrived AND

improved in Kindermusik. What Kindermusik can do for children with special needs is often

more significant than all that it does for those without these disabilities.

Let’s talk finances. Why doesn’t Kindermusik cost less?


Consider this:

Kindermusik is the leader in Early Childhood Music and Movement programs. Being a part of Kindermusik ensures that you get an exceptional product and an exceptional experience.

Kindermusik is the “designer” label as opposed to the “generic” or “in-store” label.

Kindermusik regularly consults with experts in the field of Early Childhood development, music and movement as they develop their curricula. These experts, along with an amazing team at

Kindermusik International, bring their knowledge and experience into your lives.

No other curriculum can boast of such backing.

The materials produced by Kindermusik International are of the highest quality.  With your

Home Materials, your classroom experience can continue at home (or in the car,

the doctor’s office office, or grocery store) every day of the week!

If you compare apples to apples, Kindermusik is actually often less expensive than other programs.

 There are no costume fees, recital fees, instrument rentals, or additional purchases required.

With Kindermusik “you get what you pay for” – and then some!

And here’s the best part.  Kindermusik is truly MORE than just music.  Carla Hannaford, educator,

biologist, and author of Smart Moves, put it this way:

“Kindermusik is elegant in its integrated approach to a child’s development…The importance of

having families working together, where everyone benefits from the sense of belonging, gets directly

at the heart of what we, as a society, are needing at this time to raise healthy, loving children. . . All of

this is provided in the Kindermusik program.”

Kindermusik almost sounds TOO good to be true.  

It can’t really be all that wonderful…can it?

As the world’s leader in music and movement curricula for young children, we think so!  The

curriculum works beautifully because it is developmentally appropriate and musically engaging.

 Each child learns at his or her own level and ability. There is not one standard of performance

that anyone is trying to meet, and the WHOLE child is developed through music.

It’s truly magical – at every age and every stage!

So, what’s the next step?

We invite you to join thousands of other parents around the world who attend Kindermusik classes

every week. We’d love for you to experience for yourself why Kindermusik is the world’s most trusted

brand in musical learning.

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