Nobody wants to be sick.  Staying healthy is key for all of us to thrive, but we cannot truly thrive by staying away from anywhere there might be germs.  Parents are legitimately concerned for the health of their children as they venture outside of their home and engage with others in group activities.  There are a lot of germs out there, and there always seems to be a new virus or illness that  makes us ALL take a look at what we can do  to stay healthy.

Kindermusik International (as always) has done extensive research on the subject, and is providing educators facts and recommended methods for keeping everyone Healthy and Happy.

“It is extremely important to create environments where parents are assured their children are as safe as we can provide.  It adheres to our Core Value of doing what is best for the parent and child.”  – Michael Dougherty, President of Kindermusik International, 2014.

Based on this information, and my research, the following policies are in place for our Kindermusik classroom.  We take great pride and care of many of these cleanliness practices, but we need for you and your child to do your part as well.  Together we must continually renew our commitment to be diligent, consistent, and proactive in keeping each other healthy.

If your family is sick, it is important that you do not attend.  Stay home and get better.   In Kindermusik, we love to share many things, just NOT germs.  This is one of the hardest decisions we have to make as parents – to determine whether a child is dealing with contagious or non-contagious symptoms. If you need to cancel due to illness, don't worry there is always plenty of time during the semester to makeup your class.

An easy indicator of being contagious is the presence of a fever.  The CDC recommends being fever free for at least 24 hours before going out to interact with others.  Learn more about evaluating fevers in this KidsHealth article.

We understand that children can have a runny nose from teething, or allergies, which is not contagious, and you cannot keep them home for dear life due to allergies, but this kind of mucus is clear and thin.  If this is the case, feel free to attend, just make sure to have tissues at hand for limiting it’s spread.  If the color of the mucus changes, staying home is best.  A good guideline to follow is to be fever free for 24 hours, and for a nose not to be running with anything other than clear.  We trust your judgement. You know your baby best.

The thickened mucus that accompanies many illnesses is often darker and yellow-colored (early part of illness and likely to be contagious).  Greenish mucus means that the mucus contains infection-fighting white blood cells.  (highly likely to be contagious)

A cough is only a symptom, not a disease, and often the importance of a cough can be determined only when other symptoms are evaluated.  This article about Coughs in Children from University of Michigan can be very helpful in your evaluation.

In our healthy and happy Kindermusik studio, all instruments, props, as well as door handles, etc. are sanitized and cleaned before and in between classes.  We use 7th Generation wipes and sprays which are known to kill 99% of germs on non-porous surfaces.  7th Generation products, contain plant based ingredients, contain scents from natural ingredients, contain no synthetic fragrances or dyes, and their packaging is recyclable.  All blankets and scarves used during class are washed weekly so that we always have fresh and clean blankies ready for everyone to use.

  By disinfecting instruments, washing hands, and not coming to class sick, we can avoid spreading sickness back and forth throughout the school year.  THANK YOU for following these guidelines and for doing your part to help us all stay healthy and happy at Kindermusik !

Here's to healthy!


Ms Susy

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