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His blanket becomes a superhero’s cape. A cardboard box doubles as her princess castle. Pots and pans become a drum set. And she sings all the time. Sound like someone you know? Every day brings a new discovery for the preschooler—slowly opening the doors of individuality and independence.

Using the power of music, Kindermusik’s Imagine That! taps into the preschooler’s creative spirit and boundless energy and focuses on developing learning strengths and self-confidence so he’ll be ready for school, prepared for future music lessons…or able to leap tall buildings.

Designed for active, energetic, enthusiastic, and imaginative children ages 3 to 5, Imagine That! classes encourage socialization, sharing, and participating in group activities. Singing becomes a focus for enhancing the preschooler's vocal development as expressive language is just

beginning to emerge.


Kindermusik Imagine That! takes the preschooler on a musical journey of discovery and exploration…a journey limited only by the power of imagination. Pretend play activities are integrated with music, vocal development, storytelling, movement, and literature to capture the preschooler’s potential to learn and to encourage cognitive and literacy skills, creativity and individuality.

Class meets every Monday at at 6:30 pm for 45 minutes for a total of 15 classes

Class begins Monday September 16 and ends Monday December 16

Total tuition $375
Tuition can be paid in full or in the following monthly installments:
$165 first month and the following three months $70 per month

2019 Fall Preschooler Class Curricula for ages 3-5 years

Join us for a musical, imaginative play journey into the world of Grasshopper Park!

At Home Materials Include:

Pretend Play Manipulative Component, two literature books, one clatterpillar instrument, one family activity book, two home CDs and one Kindermusik backpack

What a Parent and Child Will Experience in Class

Pretend Play - Pretend activities that are integrated with music, movement, story-telling, and listening develop language, sensory, motor, and cognitive skills.

Musical Variety and Singing -  Your pre-schooler will find ample opportunity to explore her many voices, and to control her singing voice. Singing helps develop memory, creativity, and socialization.

Story-Telling - All pre-schoolers love stories! Each Imagine That! semester is based on a story that emerges as the semester progresses. Your pre-schooler will delight in finding the right word to convey his emerging wants, needs, likes, and dislikes.

Parental Involvement -  The pre-school aged child is becoming more and more independent, and will enjoy the half-hour spent without a parent in class. But he also needs the reassurance that comes with having a parent close by, and will love being able to show you what he can do during the last 10-15 minutes of class when you

take part with him.

Imagine That! takes you and your child on a musical journey of discovery and exploration . . .a journey only limited by the power of imagination.