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Welcome to Kindermusik with Ms. Susy! To register, please complete the form below.  Please note

that through this process you will only be submitting your registration form. Your initial tuition will be prorated depending on the start date and can be paid a the studio the first day of class.  The initial tuition payment will include the cost of our wonderful "At Home Materials".  Total tuition for the entire semester is $375 or $215 for the baby music class.   Kindermusik with Ms. Susy accepts cash,

check or credit card.

We look forward to having you as part of our musical community!


Required Policies and Agreements

As a courtesy to our families, we are pleased to offer makeups for illness or emergencies.  

All makeups must be completed during the enrolled semester.  There are no refunds or credit

for missed lessons.

With my enrollment, I give permission to Kindermusik with Ms. Susy to email and or text me

class related information and announcements.  I understand that my personal information wil

not be released to any third party, and is for the exclusive use of communication from Kindermusik

with Ms Susy.

I give my permission to use photographs or video of myself and my child(ren) taken at Kindermusik with Ms. Susy.  I understand that if I do not wish to have  photos or videos of myself or of my

children taken, I need to notify Ms. Susy via email at

With this enrollment, I release any and all rights and claims for damages against Kindermusik

with Ms. Susy and Performing Arts Academy and its staff in the unlikely event of injury sustained

by myself or my child(ren) during the course of or as a result of my enrollment at Kindermusik

with Ms. Susy or Performing Arts Academy.

I understand that I will be receiving an original hardcopy of all of Kindermusik with Ms. Susy's attendance and financial policies for my review and reference the first day of class.

I understand that with this online registration, I am only paying the initial monthly payment amount

(or first month's payment) of $165.00.  I understand that the total semester tuition is $375 and that

the $165 will be deducted from that total.  I also understand that the remaining balance will be paid

in three consecutive monthly tuition payments in the amount of $70 each for the months of October, November and December that can be paid at Ms. Susy's Kindermusik studio either with cash, check

or credit card. 

I also understand that if I am registering after a semester has started, or halfway thru a semester, I am still responsible for the initial payment of $165 and that my remaining tuition payments will be prorated based on my start date.

I agree to the terms set forth by Kindermusik with Ms. Susy, and I am fully aware that tuition is

due by the student’s first lesson of the month and payments made after the 10th will incur a

$20.00 late fee for that given month.

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