Leticia del Castillo Arriaga

My son and daughter have both attended Kindermusik and all of us have loved it! It gives parents and children a chance to interact with each other in such a beautiful and organic way! My little ones are very active but the focus and attention they lend to Ms. Susy and the music is wonderful to see! It also allows them to socialize with other children their age all while singing and dancing. I highly recommend Kindermusik to any family!

Cecy Gomez

My son had a great time with Mrs. Susy I really saw an improvement and we really enjoy the class. She is an excellent teacher .

Gaby Bazan

Mrs.Susy always has a positive attitude. She understands how babies and toddlers are, so she doesn't mind the distractions they engage in. My daughter has learned how do put attention to sound since she was 3 months. And grew to differentiate all the sounds she hears. Now as a toddler, she is able to do sign language, be social,  share, wait for her turn, and pick up after using her toys.  Even though in class she just puts attention as she sits, stares, and listens, at home she is extremely active and talkative. She loves to demontrate everything learned.

Isela Villanueva

Awesome experience for our son. We really enjoyed learning along with him. He developed social and motors skills pretty quickly and we also found out his passion for music.  Mrs Susy is the best and we definitely recommend  Kindermusik!

Nora Tijerina

We started Kindermusik when Olivia was 5 months old. It gave us both something to look forward to every Monday and was such a wonderful bonding experience. Ms. Susys natural love for children and her gift of music made Kindermusik a very special time for me and my daughter . She is wonderful with little ones, energetic, knowledgeable and very comfortable with the curriculum. - Nora Tijerina , mother of Olivia Tijerina 2 years 5 months

Ivy Zolezzi de Juarez

Kindermusik has enhanced my daughters social experience, movement, and music in a fun and nurturing environment. The lesson plans coincide with the materials that are given with the class, and the materials for home are very enjoyable and easy to practice.   Kindermusik was an important precursor to prepare her for school.

Talia Vanessa Llamas Nunez

Nos encanto las clases con Ms. Susy y mi niña aprendió muchísimo. Excelente maestra, muy paciente y muy linda con los niños. Estaremos regresando muy pronto a las clases.

Berenice Luna

We definitely have enjoyed the mommy/daddy bonding with our boys. We started Kindermusik with Mrs. Susie since our oldest was 2 months and then with our youngest at the age of 9 months and it has been a great experience. This has been a great way for our sons to interact with other infants/toddlers and learn social skills. Not only that, but Kindermusik has played an important part in our sons development. Thank you for all you do Mrs. Susie, you’re awesome!

Alma Navarro de Sanchez

Our Kindermusik experience was great! Camila loved the dancing and music and even though her class session is over, we still sing the songs at home with her. I feel that this class really helped her socialize and develop her motor skills. Ms. Susy is great with all the kids! She is really patient and you can tell she loves what she does. I have nothing but good things to say about my Kindermusik experience. Can’t wait to go back with Camila and Baby #2. Thank you Ms. Susy!!

Kristy Kronick

I watched my 2 daughters grow over 3 years in Ms. Susy’s Kindermusik classes. One of the best parts for me personally was having time set aside to do nothing else but PLAY with my kids in a learning environment: dancing, singing, clapping, exploring, playing instruments, sharing, cuddling, and having fun! Ms. Susy is incredibly engaging. My kids didn’t even realize how much they were learning because they were so enthralled with each activity.

Sayra Gonzalez

Kindermusik with Ms. Susy hands down is the best music class! It has helped Mia so much, she is so comfortable and she loves it!

Jackie Foncerrada

I recommend Kindermusik with Ms. Susy to anyone with a baby or toddler! The class is a lot of fun. The music, instruments, and different props are great. Ms. Suzy is very caring and great with the kids. My daughter attended the class for about a year and a half and now I bring my son. We love it!

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